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    Lunch is Served!

    We are serving lunches! Salads, Paninis, Soups!  Thank you for your continued support!    Read More...

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    Listed as one of the "Best Coffee Shops in America" by the Food Network

    We were humbled when a contributor with the Food Network contacted us, asking to include The Lantern in the an article about the best coffee shops in America.Of course, we were delighted to represent the state of Iowa and asked how the author came across our little venture here in Sibley? As it turned out, a friend of the author was working in the area and would stop in for a regular caffeine fix -- he was amazed that a small farming community would have a top-notch coffeehouse and roastery...  Read More...

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    Coffee for a Cause: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

    Did you know that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be impacted by sexual abuse by their 18th birthday? This can have a severe and lasting effect throughout their lives, and victims are often ashamed to speak about their trauma with their close family. The Centers Against Abuse & Sexual Assault (CAASA) offers a safe place for victims of sexual assault to seek unbiased support and counselling.   Read More...

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    29th Highpointers National Convention

    Hawkeye Point -- Iowa's highest natural elevation at 1,670 feet is right in our backyard (less than 5 miles north). It might not be a mountain or even a hill, but it boasts a spectacular panoramic landscape of the prairie and the start of the Great Plains. Thanks to the Sterler family, Osceola County and the Highpointers Foundation this landmark has been preserved and developed for the world to enjoy.   Read More...

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    Red, White, and Brewed!

    Summer is the best! Long days, fresh fruit, swimming holes, lightening bugs, and cold-pressed coffee -- so many of our favorite things squeezed into three, short months. And with the season comes our nation’s most thrilling holiday -- Independence Day -- children running with sparklers, smoking grills making the air edible, night skies lit up with strobing fireworks -- did we mention how much we love this time of year?   Read More...

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